Cordless Power Scrubber

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Clean Smart With Advance Technology!

Are you frustrated with the way you clean the bathroom and kitchen area? Frustrated with dirty but unreachable areas that you haven’t cleaned for ages?
The Advance Cordless Power Scrubber - Gen 2 is a powerful advance cleaning tool. This cordless scrubber features a powerful motor that helps you get rid of tough dirt and grime in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. With this product, you can effectively clean your bathroom, kitchen, and other parts of your home with ease. Plus, its cordless design makes it incredibly versatile and convenient to use.



The Advance cordless powerful scrubber is made of high-quality materials. It is sturdy, durable, and has a long service life. You can use it wherever you want and once you are charged can be used for up to 60-90 minutes.

An adjustable handle will give you easy access to unreachable areas while types of brush heads will give you an easy and perfectly clean.


✔ Gen 2 with Advance technology with battery display.

✔ Fast & Easy Cleaning With Minimal Effort.

Effortless Clean Without Ever Having to Bend or Kneel.

Zero Scratches Or Marks.

Relieve Stress On Back & Knees While Cleaning.

 Protect Yourself From Future Joint & Muscle Pain.

Reach The Hardest-To-Reach Areas, Corners, & Crevices.

100% Waterproof & 2 Speeds(400 RPM & 460 RPM)

✔ Comes with 8 different Brush Heads.

✔ Cordless & rechargeable.

✔ For both indoor and outdoor use.


Back pain and knee pain are the most painful health problems you can face when cleaning. Cleaning is tiring, exhausting, and takes up so much time over the week. 

The Advance Cordless PowerScrubber will help protect you from future joint and muscle pain, and really change your view on cleaning. It’s so easy, even the kids could be convinced to help clean!

Cordless power scrubber can be used indoor and outdoor & 60 to 70 minutes will be used once it is fully charged without hassle.


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Package Included:

1 * Cordless Electric Cleaning Brush
1 * Telescopic pole
1 * Sponge Tray
1 * Polyester Cloth Tray
1 * Fiber Tray
1 * Large Flat Brush
1 * Fixed Disk
1 * Wool Tray
1 * pointed brush head
1 * Small Flat Brush
1 * Charging Cable
1 * User Manual