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How we chose the best heated socks

Heated socks are an investment in your comfort during colder months—so we wanted to be sure your money was well-spent on quality socks that suit a variety of needs. We compared over 40 heated socks while looking at reviews, battery life, design, thickness, and price. We also have reported on heated insoles and heated slippers to keep you toasty till you get back to your heated blanket, so we used knowledge from those topics and applied it here.

The best heated socks: Reviews & Recommendations

You can wear heated socks while at home, or you can wear them with your shoes to keep cold winter air away from your feet when you go outside. And with slim battery packs designed to look like your average pair of socks, you might even forget you’re wearing super-charged protection against blustery winter weather. All of these picks have the reliability and warmth to help you endure frigid temperatures.